Q. When can I start taking driving lessons?
A. From the age of 17 if you hold a provisional driving licence.
Q. Can I apply for my licence just before my 17th birthday?
A. Yes but you can't learn to drive until you turn 17. The form to apply for a provisional licence can be obtained from the post office.
Q. Do I need to pass my theory test before taking driving lessons?
A. No. You can start to study for your theory as your taking lessons but you must have passed it before applying for a driving test.
Q. What is the pass mark for the theory test and how much does it cost to sit it ?
A. The multiple choice is 43 out of 50 and the hazard perception is 44 out of 75. The cost to sit it is £30.
Q. Are all instructors fully qualified?
A. No. Some schools employ P.D.I.s who are not fully qualified because they have not passed all their instructor exams but they do hold a trainee licence so they are legal.
Q. How do I know if my instructor is fully qualified?
A. He / She has a licence [see photo to left] which they wear or have displayed in the car. Do ask to see it to make sure they are who they say they are. They will also be registered with the D.V.A. if your not sure check by phoning the D.V.A. on 02890547933.
Q. Can a friend or relative teach  me how to drive?
A. The Driving Standards Agency strongly recommends that you take lessons from an approved driving instructor. If your friend or relative teaches you they must be over 21 years of age and have held a full U.K. driving licence for 3 or more years and be insured to do so. They cannot charge you a fee for instruction.