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After you have passed the theory test and if your driving is up to the required standard you can go ahead and book the driving test. The cost for a weekday test is £45.50 or if you book a saturday test its £62.50.
You can book over the phone between 08.00 and 19.00 monday to friday or 09.00 to 13.00 saturdays. Telephone 0845 247 2472. Have your provisional licence, theory test certificate and credit / debit card to hand when making the call. You may also need your instructors ADI number.
To book online, go to the links page on this website.
You can also book it by post with an application form, obtain this from any D.V.A. test centre or fill out the form in the centre then pay over the counter
Take both parts of your provisional driving licence, your theory test certificate and the vehicle registration document (I have one for my car). 
Before the driving part of the test you will be asked to read a car number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres then you will be asked 2 show & tell questions (list of questions and answer are to be found on this website).
The driving part will last approximately 35 minutes during which there will be 2 sections of independant driving, an emergency stop and one manueuvre from the list below chosen by the examiner.
*Turn in the road
*Reverse around a corner
*Parallel park
*Bay park
At the end of the driving test the examiner will ask you to switch off the engine and once he/she completes the report sheet they will tell you if you have passed or failed.
To pass you must complete the test with have no serious/dangerous faults and 15 or fewer driving (minor) faults.